How To Write An Executive Summary

An executive summary is a brief but comprehensive business report. It provides the reader with a concise overview of what is contained in the document. A good executive summary should be able to convince the reader that the content is relevant.

Important Points to Consider when Writing Executive Summaries
Use proper language
Write in the Third Person and ensure that you keep the writing style formal. Avoid the First Person and Second Person when writing your summary. First person pronouns such as “I” and “me” should be avoided and used only when it is necessary. Second Person pronouns such as “you” and “your” should also not be used when writing an executive summary. Instead, Third Person pronouns such as “it” should be used when making reference to an idea. Jargon should also not used as the reader may not be familiar with the expressions used.
Length of the Executive Summary
An executive summary should not be too short or too long. The pages should not exceed 10% of the number of pages of the entire document. Make an adequate representation of the whole document concisely.

Ensure clarity when writing your summary. Write a summary which is orderly and well structured. You can use bullet points and subheadings to highlight important points. This will help the reader read the contents quickly.
Executive Summary should not duplicate content in original document
Even though you are giving a brief overview of what is contained in the original document, you should change the wording. Avoid presenting information that has simply been copy-pasted from the original document as the reader may view the content as repetition. Change the wording and paraphrase the information, making sure that the meaning is not lost or changed.
Your grammar should be correct when writing an executive summary. Structure your sentences correctly, check your tenses, spelling and punctuation. An executive summary written in correct grammar helps to appear credible. Correct grammar also helps in communicating your ideas as the content will be easy to read and understand. After you have finished writing, go over the contents again and correct any mistakes you spot.
Structure of the Executive Summary
Do not just write your executive summary in prose form. Make sure that that you section your summary. Each section of the summary should be an accurate representation of what is contained in the original document. You may format your summary in different ways. However, note that there are important sections which should appear in the summary. Open the executive summary by giving brief background information. Use a strong hook to catch the attention of the reader. State the purpose of your business report and your desired outcomes. Give a description of your company and a justification for your proposal or ideas. Make your executive summary logical and cohesive by making sure the contents in each section appear the same way in the original document.

Know your audience and feel free to have alterations to your executive summary when presenting it to different audiences.