Different Colognes in the Market – What You Should Know

Colognes basically mean perfumes. They can have similar meaning to scent. They are perfumes that are in liquid form and are applied on the skin to give a very pleasant smell. There are different types of colognes, they can be classified according to the diversity of the smell. Some are strong while others are mild. The different colognes are designed to soot different composition of the population. They can either be; men colognes or female colognes. The female ones are milder than for men, we recommend this list for the best perfumes for women.

The different colognes or rather perfumes have different and beautiful scents. This major difference is brought about by the difference in concentration of the fragrance oils. This is where the aspect of mildness and strong fragrance comes in. the designers have a major objective to soot the specification of different customers. For this reason they create different concentration of perfumes.

Customers have various things that they put in mind in order to choose the kind of cologne to purchase. These ideas include; length of time the customer wants the scent to last on their skin, the level of concentration and strength of the cologne and lastly but not least, the amount of money they would wish to spend on the same.

Different people have different places that they tend to apply the colognes. Mostly the designers advice their customers to apply the colognes on heat areas of their bodies. These body parts include; chest, neck, lower jaw, wrist, forearm, inner elbow and shoulder among others. These areas are very much concentrated with body heat and this makes the cologne spread out its fragrance throughout the day.

There are different types of colognes brands. They include; Armani Code, Carolina Herrera, Gucci Guilty, Versace Eros, Dior Sauvage. Starting with Armani Code, it is designed by a designer by the name, Giorgio Armani. This cologne has a very nice fragrance that well suits the men. It was first launched in 2004 and throughout it has really served different people across the globe, not giving them any reason to change the preference. This cologne is an award winning cologne. It worn the FiFi Award Fragrance of the Year Men’s Luxe 2006. Also let’s not forget burberry perfume for women, a world contender when it comes to fragrances for women.

Carolina Herrera is another nice smelling cologne. The cologne is named after the designer. Carolina Herrera was inspired by her grandmother to major herself in fashion and design. This cologne has different types of fragrance to suit different groups of people. It is designed to soot men being sure not to leave out the women.

The Gucci Guilty cologne is a nice blend of green leaves and pink pepper. This blend gives out a very nice fragrance. It has a very distinct experience and it is so easy for one to identify it. Also, it has a very lasting fragrance.

Versace Eros is another cologne that is leading in the world, simply because Every fashion house in the world has a stock of this cologne. It was founded and launched in 1978 by the great designer, Gianni Versace. Who later died in 1997 leaving a great product in the world. He will be surely remembered for it. This cologne continues to execute nice fragrance and it is still among the top selling cologne in the world. Most or rather all the colognes are named after the designers.