10 Strangest Restaurants In The World

It is a special occasion and you’re thinking of going out somewhwere. No problem, just pick a place that best accommodates your dining needs or whatever it is that you’re celebrating. But wait, how do you choose the right restaurant? Some people prefer a quiet restaurant where patrons can enjoy their meal in a peaceful environment while others enjoy the music of a local underground band. There are also people who go out dining just for the company, which means that it would take something pretty special to convince them to go out eating at a restaurant when there’s no special occasion involved. The following restaurants, however, attract people not only with their food, but with their ambience as well.

Opaque Restaurant, Los Angeles

Although not the only one of its kind, the Opaque restaurant in Los Angeles has a very interesting theme. This entire restaurant is pitch black, which means that its patrons can barely see what’s in front of them. The grand idea is to let people rely on their other senses, while surrounded by complete darkness. Initially, the first such restaurant was supposed to raise awareness about blindness and the challenges blind people face every day.

Guolizhuang Restaurant, Beijing

This particular restaurant specializes in cooking sexual organs taken from all sorts of animals. The main menu contains several dishes that involve a recurring ingredient, the male genitalia of horses, goats, donkeys, sheep, dogs, and snakes. According to Chinese traditionalists, eating the male genitalia from an animal can increase potency for men and increase the smoothness of a woman’s skin. As you may have imagined, it is pretty difficult to get a reservation at Guolizhuang.

Hajime Robot Restaurant, Thailand

Boosting a Sci-Fi theme, this interesting Japanese restaurant specializes in Yakiniku barbecue and similar specialties. As soon as they walk through the door, clients are greeted by robots. These robots act as waiters and to our knowledge, they don’t require any tips. Seeing how the owner spend more than $1 million on these robo-waiters, it would be quite a shame not to give the restaurant a try if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

Hadaka Sushi, West Hollywood

Have you ever eaten sushi off a naked woman’s breasts? If not, then maybe you should add Hadaka Sushi to your bucket list. This adults-only restaurant is one of the few places in the world that serve Nyotaimori (body sushi). The food is served on a model’s naked body, a woman for the male customers and a man for the females. At no point, however, does the food get in contact with the model’s skin as it is carefully laid on top of banana leaves.

Devil Island Prison, China

Looking to raise awareness of the difficulties of life behind bars, the owner of Devil Island Prison Restaurant designed it to look more or less like a prison. As soon as they walk through the door, clients have their photo taken, they are allocated a number tag, are fingerprinted, and then taken to their cell. Inside the cell, a simple metal table and exact replicas of classic prison decor to add to the experience. Pretty grim actually, but as long as it’s original and entertaining, so be it.

Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, The Maldives

Considered one of the most luxurious restaurants in the world, the Ithaa Restaurant is 16 feet underwater, and it has transparent walls all around. The building of such an impressive restaurant ended up costing the owners 5 million dollars, a sum of money they’ll soon start to recover from the thousands of tourists who apply for a reservation each month. Only few of them get to actually dine at the restaurant however, as the establishment only has seven tables.

Yellow Treehouse, New Zealand

The building of this exquisite restaurant took just 66 days to complete, and what an amazing green project it is. Shaped like a pod, this restaurant can accommodate up to 30 guests at any given time, all hanging from a redwood tree more than 30 feet above ground. The giant yellow pod can be accessed via wooden walkways. Once inside, clients are presented with a whimsical decor and a palette of soft colored lights. Dining at Yellow Treehous is truly a unique experience.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant is actually part of a chain of restaurants throughout Taiwan, a chain of restaurants that capitalizes on the success registered by Marton Theme Restaurant in Taipei. That was the first known restaurant to accommodate its customers on toilets rather than chairs, an idea that soon caught on. In accord with the theme of this restaurant, napkins have been replaced by toilet paper, and the lamps around the restaurant have the form of urinals.

Dinner in the Sky, Europe / US

This isn’t exactly a restaurant, but an idea that is becoming increasingly popular around the world. Dinner in the Sky features a platform held in place by a crane at around 160 feet above the ground. Such a setup can accommodate around 20 guests, a cook, two waiters, and some form of light entertainment. The clients are fitted to secure chairs and strapped in safely with seat belts. The general idea is to set up a ‘Dinner in the Sky’ above major cities and popular landmarks.

Fortezza Medicea, Italy

Unlike the Chinese restaurant we talked about earlier, this restaurant is inside an actual prison. Fortezza Medicea is a 500 years old maximum security prison near Pisa. Not only is the restaurant part of an active prison, but so is the staff. You see, the waiters that are serving the food and the piano player are all convicts serving 25 years to life. Not to worry though, the cutlery is plastic and there are always guards overlooking the tables to prevent any foul play.